Port of Charleston


Port of Charleston Services

At Piedmont Storage & Repack, our professional management and dedicated associates ensure that your products are treated with the highest degree of care. We provide FIRST CLASS Port of Charleston, freezer warehousing, logistics and repackaging services.

Services Benefits
  • PS&R offers flexible storage space, allowing your inventory level to expand and contract as needed.
  • Customized repackaging services.
  • Inventory control system with 24/7 customer access.
  • Full service logistics
  • All facilities feature security systems and food-grade sanitation.
  • Your costs are minimized! You pay only for the amount of space and the handling services your company requires, on a month-by-month basis.
  • Outsource your warehousing and distribution allowing you to focus on core competencies.
  • You are confident that YOU'RE in control of your inventory.
  • Your inventory is secure, without concerns of theft, cross-contamination, or FDA violations.
Warehousing Repackaging Logistics Inventory Management

Allow us to submit a proposal for cost-efficient, quality repackaging services as an alternative to in-house processing. Below is an example of variety packs repackaged into shelf ready display boxes:

Port of Charleston